Monday, May 3, 2010

Blank Slate

A blank page is a very scary thing to me. I remember being a child... a blank piece of paper was put in front of me and i was told to draw something, anything i wanted. i think i stopped breathing and in an instant i was both filled with terror and sheer bliss. I had no idea what to draw or even if i COULD draw but there sat a moment of pure potential in front of me. The world was my oyster and i could create anything i desired. Unfortunately, the panic won out, i had a slight emotional breakdown and think i ended up drawing an image of a dilapidated butterfly. Poor thing...never had a chance.
So here i sit again in front of a blank page, physically and metaphorically. I am at an interesting point in my life... a crossroads it seems. Where i cannot stay where i have been and looking ahead i see a world of pure potential. I'm not exactly sure how to get there but am being driven like a herd of wild cattle by some unseen forces in my life. My poor dilapidated butterfly is having to learn how to fly. And so begins my journey to find out what it means to live an authentic life. (Those of you who know me might find that a bit amusing, but keep in mind that even us yogis and so called enlightened beings are still human). So with both sheer terror and bliss i share with you my journey, questions, findings, struggles, passions and rediculous ramblings as i learn to trust my heart and see where this great path leads. I believe it will be a true adventure for all!

"The heart is always right--if there's a question of choosing between the mind and the heart--because mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. You have been given it by the society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted." ~ OSHO


  1. You go you little butterfly you! Let's wade thru the redirection waters together eh? Might get a little splashy but it's all good!

  2. You are so brave! Thank you for sharing your journey. I think this is a time of change for many...and we can all support one another through the rough and beautiful waters of having enough courage to be our authentic selves. Fly on butterfly...FLY! :-)